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Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

Founder of Bright Cherry Entrepreneur, Problem Solver, Expert on Customer Centricity

Meet Silvia

Silvia’s life philosophy is centred on the principle of ‘can do’ attitude, and with this she enables the success of businesses by “achieving goals together”.

Having successfully helped large businesses kick-off their customer centric transformation and improve their customer experience, Silvia came to realise that she is leaving out those who need it most – the everyday entrepreneurs and small business owners. And that’s when Bright Cherry was born.

Through the power of practical customer centric tools and simple step by step guidance, Silvia sets up business owners for success.

At the moment, Silvia lives her business dream in Sydney, Australia and together with her husband Kristen, they enable goals of small businesses worldwide one at a time.

Silvia Myers
Silvia Myers in recording studio

Why I Do What I Do

I believe that every business can be successful and I believe that everyone should have a fair go.

What hurts me is seeing small businesses struggle. Nothing is more painful to me than watching passionate people who love what they do struggle financially and keep closing down one by one.

That’s why I constantly seek for answers and make problem solving easy and accessible to all…

I just happened to be great in customer centricity.

Are you ready to join me?

My Mission

My mission is simple: To help entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide succeed through customer centricity.

I love working with passionate business owners because I love helping them and seeing them succeed. It’s very painful for me to watch entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle just because they don’t have access to the same resources as their large counterparts.

I’m fuelled by the success of my clients and I love helping them solve their problems. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing how my customers’ businesses improve, watching them grow and succeed and therefore growing and succeeding with them.

Large organisations don’t have the same magic personality as small businesses do. I love serving people, share the same small business passion and I’m powered by the same fuel. That’s why I love adding the cherry on top.

Silvia Myers

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