Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

Founder of Bright Cherry
Entrepreneur, Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Meet Silvia

Silvia’s life philosophy is centred on the principle of ‘can do’ attitude, and with this she enables the success of businesses by “achieving goals together”.

Having successfully helped businesses across a wide range of industries, Silvia makes business improvement simple and achievable. She works exclusively with business owners who are ready to “get more out of their business”.

Through the power of fresh strategic thinking, Silvia equips business owners with practical actionable advice that gives them fresh insights into their businesses and enables them to get more, improve and succeed.

After helping multiple businesses improve and achieve their goals, Silvia has set up her Bright Cherry Success Club enabling success of her customers across the world.

At the moment, Silvia lives her business dream in Sydney, Australia and together with her husband Kristen, they enable goals of small businesses worldwide one at a time.

Silvia Myers
Silvia Myers

Why I Do What I Do

Small businesses make up over 90% of all businesses. They’re the backbone of our economy. Yet, almost 50% of small businesses fail – the number one reason for that is poor strategic management and poor business strategy. 

Small businesses get caught in unfair competitive environment with the large market players and due to lack of strategic knowledge, they start discounting and price matching which typically ends up hurting them even more. As a result, small businesses often suffer from cash flow problems which most of the time is just a symptom not a root cause.

Almost all businesses get professionals to do their accounting, supplies, equipment, marketing and other services. But… they hardly ever get professionals to help them with their strategy… Which is the most important part…

This is exactly how the top companies in the world have grown, transformed and improved their profitability and you can now apply the same thinking and tools for your business even with little time, money or previous business knowledge.  

Premium strategic advice used to be out of reach for small businesses and ultimately that was increasing their unfair disadvantage…

Those times have changed and as a small business you can now easily up your game too through premium strategic advice from an expert, from me…

I believe everyone deserves a fair go. As a business owner, you deserve better too. And that’s why I do what I do..

My Mission

My mission is simple: To enable the success of small businesses worldwide and help them add their cherry on top. 

I love working with business owners because I love helping them and seeing them succeed. I’m fuelled by the success of my clients and I love helping them solve their problems. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing how my customers’ businesses improve, watching them grow and succeed and therefore growing and succeeding with them.

Large organisations don’t have the same passion and magic as small businesses do. I share the same passion and I’m powered by the same fuel.

That’s why my mission is to enable your success and help you add your cherry on top. 

Silvia Myers

My Experience..

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