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Success through customer centricity


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Bespoke Consulting

Helping businesses earn more revenue, increase margins and reduce costs through the practical application of lean, process improvement, design thinking and customer experience.

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Online Courses

Helping people who are looking to get better results – whether that’s earning more revenue, reducing costs, accelerating conversion rates, increasing margins or making their customers happier – through proven tools, strategies and mindsets that are simple to action, easy to digest and have been applied by some of the biggest and best brands on the market.


Silvia has been helping us improve our business. I'm a busy business owner and I've got lots of spinning plates at any one time. It really helps me to bounce ideas off Silvia and get an outsider perspective on what we need to do next. One of the things I really like about the programs is that I can use the content to train my staff. It makes it easy for us to be on the same page.


Business Owner

I now book in around 95% of inquiries and am having trouble keeping up with all the work. I will have to look into expanding now. What a wonderful problem to have.


Business Owner

Silvia ran a great workshop in setting effective key performance indicators that drive strategic outcomes. Her KPI framework has been an important part of my ongoing strategy engagements with senior executives, including the CIO, CTO, EGM of Group Shared Services, and the Head of People Services. She delivers her messages clearly, pragmatically, and with passion. I would highly recommend Silvia and her crew to any organisation or team who is serious about delivering the right results for their customers.


Business Executive

Silvia has helped us optimise activities in our business which has resulted in both cost savings and improved experience for our customers. She's great to work with and although she is no longer a colleague, she will remain a friend and I'd definitely recommend her to others.


Business Manager

My staff applied what they learned and delivered 20% increase in upsell straight away. And that's just after watching one video.


Business Owner

I just LOVE Silvia. What an inspiring and helpful leader she is, her care for your growth is second to none, she really helped me get into the space and ask the right questions for me to take the next step in my business and move forward from where I am to where I want to be, easily and effortlessly, her ability to put things in perspective and break it down for me in to doable steps was such a brilliant relief and I gained awareness. Thank you so much Silvia! Such a wonderful feeling to know where I am and CAN go now!


Business Owner